I’m not sure about you but I grew up glued to the TV and it stayed on Nickelodeon all through the mid 90’s. If you had to narrow the field down to 4 Nickelodeon Game Shows this would be your final 4.

Double Dare- Hosted by the boss Mark Summers, in every episode it was guaranteed that someone’s mom or dad would get slimed and fall on their ass. Also the only show of the four that did not feature any minority contestants. (Facts don’t matter)

Wild and Crazy Kids- Some of you may not remember this but low key this show was co-hosted by Cuba Gooding JR, who back in the 90’s went by Omar Gooding. Remember Facts don’t matter. This show was pretty cool because I got to see what summer camp was like without going. I got kick back inside the AC apartment eating Bolis (Freeze Pops) all day.

Guts- This show was like cocaine to kids. Mike O’Malley used to get me fucking hype. Don’t let me catch an episode of Guts before Church because I would be super LIT. Guts also had that sweet ass trophy the winner would get and 2nd/3rd place would get shamed for losing.

Legends of the Hidden Temple- Had by far the weakest Host but started off with teams getting eliminated at the beginning of the show. The middle of the show was rough mainly because I would never get the trivia questions right. The show also had a pretty cool ending and that talking rock was a trip.