TV in the 90’s was TGIF on ABC. This was the dream team of network TV shows in the mid 90’s. Pour a glass of Milk and crack open some cookies, here’s a rundown of these classics. 

Full House- I was an uncle Jessy guy until I found out he wasn’t Mexican. Full House tackled a lot of serious topics.I remember learning about sex and drugs thanks to Stephanie and DJ. 

Dinosaurs- Baby was Out of Control and at times my kids remind me of  him. This show was also cool because it was coming off the heels of Jurassic Park and every kid was into dinosaurs. 

Sister Sister- Kinda crazy story that twins separated at birth living completely different lives could meet again and live together. I remember being so confused on how that was possible. 

Step by Step- Cody was that dude and Suzan Summers was a MILF before that was a thing. 

Family Matter- Or what some people call The Steve Urkel Show. Best episode was when they went to a bulls game and afterwards ended up playing poker against Scottie Pippen. Stefan Urkel put me on with some game in middle school too.  

Boy Meets World- The GOAT in my opinion. You had Topanga who I had the biggest TV crush on. Shawn the ultimate bad ass and Mr Fenny who reminded me of my middle school principal.