screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-9-11-57-pmThis the first of many blogs to come in this section of the Oop De Oop. We kick off the Aux DJ with the ultimate Hip Hop Party Bus Playlist.

  1. Can’t Tell Me Nothing- Sets the stage for the night, allows your audience bob their head while they pour a drink.
  2. One Dance- Lets you to settle in and find a seat. Maybe take a few more sips before you forget your name.
  3. I Got the Keys- Starting to get a little more live but not turned all the way up yet. Maybe you finished that first cup of Jack and Coke while your boy is still struggling to finish his modelo.
  4. Paper Tails- At this point for sure everyone is ready for  a second drink. This song is strategically placed at 4 to let you get up and grab another drink but not miss out on someone twerking.
  5. DJ Got Us Fallin In Love- Chicks on the Bus* skip if its Cock Deep
  6. Fireball- And here we go, by the time the hook drops if someone hasn’t pulled out a bottle get off a the next light.
  7. Shots- GET READY TO GET FUCKED UP. Shall I say more? Maybe you didn’t take a fireball shot because you have to work tomorrow or because you have to pick the kids up from the sitter. You have zero excuses now.
  8. Hypnotize- Its official you are buzzed now get out the way and let me rap.
  9. California Love- If someone didn’t say Awwww Shit again get off the bus.
  10. Gold Digger- Everyone at this point should be feeling good and if theres a white guy on the bus guarantee they are dropping a hard N bomb.