Unbelievable, almost 24 hours removed from the Cubs winning their first World Series in over 100 years and I still can’t believe it.

Last night as a sports fan you went through all the emotions. From having the lead through 7 innings, too losing it in the 8th and oh yeah there was a rain delay.

Though the first 7 innings, the bar that we were at was one giant party but you could tell that everyone wasn’t convinced yet that it would happen because of all the heartbreak in the past. After the 7th inning we felt pretty confident that it could happen and decided to walk to Clark and Addison to get closer to the center of a could be a “World Series celebration”.

And so came the bottom of the 8th and with the Cubs being only 6 outs away from winning it all, you see them give up the tying runs. The picture below explains it all after the Indians tie the game 8-8.


With a tie game and emotions high we also got a rain delay. More anxiety and time to think about not winning and losing again. At this point we were able to find a spot outside a bar to witness history and the videos below say it all.