Annnnnnd Just like that everyone forgot about the Chicago Cubs winning their first wold series in over a 100 years. Thanks President Elect Trump.

On a serious note and probably the most serious this site gets, everyone needs to STOP TRIPIN. Ok now before you come knocking on my door and start calling me a racist, I am by no means a Trump supporter. People who are upset about Trump’s nomination in the last 48hours fall in 1 of three buckets. 1) Can’t believe this happened, 2) Fuck it lets protest 3) America is going to fall apart.

Can’t believe this happened.

So what you are saying is that you have been living under a rock since 2008. These people are the people who live in bigger cities like NY, Chicago and LA. They don’t understand that America is 70% rural and although the economy has bounced back in the bigger cities, Rural America is scratching and clawing to generate income because the manufacturing jobs in these parts of the country have left. Earlier this year I had an opportunity to visit Springfield IL, the capitol of IL. I can tell you that towns like Springfield and Rockford look like they are still in a recession and have extremely high unemployment rates. Trump played to them by promising to bring back jobs and Make Their America Great Again.

Fuck It Lets Protest

Give me a break, if you were out protesting last night I ask you to take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself one question. Why are you questioning the foundation of our democratic system. The people have spoken, you’re done sit your ass down and shut the fuck up. Its like when I beat my daughter at connect four and she tries to cry. I explain that she lost/ how she lost and that she will have another chance to beat me. Don’t worry if he’s really that bad he’ll get impeached or you’ll get to elect Kanye in 2020. I can see it now President Kanye and the First Lady/Porn Star.

America is going to fall apart

This country is resilient and has been through some tough shit and at the same time takes what it wants. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, ask the Native Americans if we’ll lay down for anyone. Yeah the market took a dip but the market is emotional. The true test will be when Trump makes his first bone head comment or grabs his White House Press Secretary by the pussy. Look if he fucks up he’s going to get impeached. Lets be honest too Trump doesn’t want any part of the day to day duties of being a President, he’s going to hire a bunch of people to run things for him. Let me remind everyone that not to long ago we had a president who wasn’t the smartest crayon in the box either by the name of George W Bush. What we were left with was crazy ass debt, war and shitty economy. But despite all that Apple gave birth to the iPad and Jordan’s Retros had its best sales since the relaunch. Like my Cubs….. America WE ARE GOOD.

I’ll leave you with the image below of the fine state of Illinois. It perfectly depicts how Trump won the election and although IL was a blue state, it clearly backs up what I was saying about Rural America.