So Even Stevens is a rapper……..

Shia LaBeouf was on Sway’s Sirius XM show yesterday and threw down in a free style session.

I had no clue Young ShiaLa had it in him, he wasn’t that bad. Started off rocky but was getting down towards the end.

If Young ShiaLa is truly committed to becoming a successful rapper he needs to do the following if we’re going to take him serious.

  • Kill the long hair and get a tapper or low fade. Can’t be out here looking like Joakim Noah
  • Gain some weight maybe even get fat, all fat rappers get taken serious (Fat Joe, Big Pun, Sean Kingston…)
  • Get yourself a Kardashian (They work wonders for irrelevant people’s careers)
  • You need Beans he was eclectic on the TV show and I’m sure would kill the rap gamebeans