What can I say, other than i was flat out wrong this year about the bears season. I said they were going 12-3 so much, I actually convinced myself they were. But the reality is the bears have been trash, garbage, barf, poop, shit and anything else that stinks.

My boy Jay has also played terrible and now a “season ending” injury. Sounds like John Foxx is done with Jay if you ask me.

So whats next for the bears, well in the short term Matt Barkley will more than likely get the start this Sunday. No question the Bears need to figure something out at QB. Who knows theres a guy by the name of Tony Romo (Ever heard of him) who lost his job and will be looking for a new one.

Here are some Tony Romo and Jay Cutler Stats, you be the judge.

Jay Cutler
Tony Romo