With Tamale Season in full swing here at 10 Tamale Facts.

1.Tamales go back to 8000 BC and were used by Mayans and Aztecs to feed their soldiers. Today they are consumed at family parties during the holidays.

2.According to Wikipedia preparation is complex and time consuming. Thats why you need a relative who’s on disability or FMLA to cook these up while you’re working.

3.People in the Philippines and Guam also get down on Tamales. People forget The Philippines were governed by Spain. I’m sure Manny Pacquaio loves Tamales, seems like a Verde Chicken Tamale guy.

4.One Tamal has about 285 calories and if you’re like me times that by 3 and you’re done. Add Valentina or Ranch to that and you’er for sure to gain some weight post holiday.

5.Tamales will usually make their appearance once a year during Christmas/Thanksgiving

6.Price: If you are paying more than this you are getting bamboozled. 6 for $5.00 or a Dozen for $10.00. Holler at my Guy Manolo on 53rd and Kedzie if you need a guy.

7.TUMS is the best side dish to go with your Tamales, trust me you’ll need it.

8.Best way to heat your Tamales is on a hot Comal. If the corn husk isn’t burnt send them back. Don’t you dare microwave them.

9.Google says Tamales should not be eaten any later than 5 days after they have been made. I know for a fact I’v smashed Tamales that were made for Christmas on January 5th.

10.Best time of the day to have a Tamal……. All the time but mornings were poplar at my house. Start the day with an off balanced meal GRRRRREAT!!!!.

Tamales Anthem below