DIP SET!!!!! 

That’s right on December 7th 2004 Camron dropped his Purple Haze album, 12 years ago, fuck I’m getting old.

Quick Track Power Rank 

  1. Down and Out (Old Kanye) 
  2. More Gangsta 
  3. Dip-set Forever (Old Kanye)

Classic Cam Lines  

“Top a top on top of the top, but yo nothing definite. I chop up the rocks and I stop up the drop. Blocka, blocka the block”

“I’m on the south side of Chicago lookin’ for a real hoe. I don’t see a touchdown, arms up field goal. Got some ill gold, diamonds that’s still low. Lil dick you a dickhead, nah dildo.”

“I treat bitches straight up, like Simon Says. Open vagina: put ya legs behind ya head. Cop me Air Ones, hon, lime and red”

How he got away with these lines not sure but the album was hot tho.