It’s the Christmas season and at this point many of you have already pulled your secret Santa for your Office Gift Exchange. Gifting people in your “professional” life could be awkward and thats why I listed some gifts you’ll want to stay away from and a Gift you can’t go wrong with.


Merry Christmas heres some MEAT. Unless you work in construction with a bunch of dudes save the New York Strips and smoked sausage for another occasion. There are 2 things that really suck about getting this, One you can’t regift it and two you know the person that gave you this is going to ask how was the fillet.


I love drinking and getting booze for Christmas is always a plus but if you’re going this rout you can’t just go with anything. JAGERMEISTER should defiantly not be on the list to give your 56 year old co-worker. Now on the flip side if you pick that coworker you can’t stand in the gift exchange, JAGERMEISTER lets them know you aint a pussy and you aren’t going to take their shit in 2017.


What do we have here, Pre Paid Phones, So you decided you were getting your work wife a burner so her man doesn’t catch your sexting. DON’T DO IT, not only is this a violation of shitting where you eat but you’ll also have to explain why you only spent $50 on her Gift. $30 for the phone and $20 for them minuets.

Gift Cards.jpg

Let’s face, it’s the safest bet is to go with a Gift Card. Can’t go wrong with Chills, Dicks, Amazon, Subway, Starbucks or iTunes. Gift Cards are Gifts made for people you don’t have any real emotional ties with.


So there you have it, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.