Electricity today at Trump Towers. This duo is right up there with Macho/Hulk, Jordan/Pippen, Tommy Pickles/Chucky and Snooki/JWoww. Here are 5 topics that came up during today’s meeting.

  1. President Trump gave Kanye some free Presidential Marriage Counseling. Kanye is is having trouble with Kim and the President stepped in to offer some advice.
  2. Meeting regarding a President Trump Documentary, produced and directed by Kanye, staring Kanye.
  3. Ironing out the details of Kanye’s inauguration performance. Trump probably is requesting Kanye perform Jesus Walks when he comes out and Last Call when its all over.
  4. Trump never saw the Kim Tape with Ray J and Kanye personally hand delivered a copy.
  5. Kris Jenner for Supreme Court Justice

P.S. Wesley Snipes looked Crazy AF in Demolition Man and so does Kanye.