The Greatest Christmas Movie of all time, Home Alone and Home Alone Lost in NY. Please don’t hit me up about 3,4 and 5 those movies should have been called something else. 

After watching Home Alone 1 & 2 for the 15th time in one week it left me wondering, where are they now. So here we go. 

We kick this off with my man Buzz McCallister. One of Buzz’s most notable lines “beat that you little trout sniffer”. 

MARV!!!! HARRY!!!!! Aka the sticky bandits aka the wet bandits. Wasn’t a fan of the polt in the 2nd movie. My thought was you break out of jail why rob a toy store. 

“Fuller easy on the Pepsi” I’m curious to know if Fuller used his bed wetting to his advantage at bars when talking to girls. Hey what up my names Fuller I wet the bed wana get out of here. 

KEVIN!!!! Yup your childhood hero is a full blown adult creep. He actually came out with a video on YouTube last year, strange but not bad. Link below.