Celebrity apprentice started today with Arnold Schwarzenegger replacing Donald Trump as the host. That’s right get to the Choppa Arnold Schwarzenegger. To be honest I wasn’t really impressed with Schwarzenegger as the host I mean the guy has the charisma the paperclip. 

The cast of doesnt get much better it’s full of  has been celebrities that could be on the old VH1 reality show the surreal life. 

Here’s a few highlights of who’s on the cast. 

Boy George 

Now with all the lives lost in 2016 I could have swore Boy George left us. If you thought he looked creepy in the 80s check him out now. 


The dark horse to win it all. Snookie’ resume includes getting wasted and manger of the smush room. 

Lisa Leslie

Put the WNBA on the map……. Seriously Olympic gold medalist and 3x MVP some consider her the Landon Donovan of the WNBA. Interested to Lisa get her hands dirty and take out some of the woman out in the boardroom. Awesome move if Omarosa could come back to mentor her.

John Lovitz 

It Stinks!!!!