I am a sucker for this scratch off. If I have $10 on me in cash and I’m at the gas station, you can almost guarantee I’m buying one of these.I always end up asking myself the same set of questions and think about it the rest of the day. So here are the questions I have for all of you. Comment below.

If you Win, how do you take the payout? 

3.9 Million one time payout? Or

$5,000 a week for your entire life?

If you Win, and you take the 3.9 million, do you quit your job the next day?

If you Win, and take the $5,000 a week for life, do you keep a part time job at Nike or something for the benefits and discount?

Final Question what’s your biggest fear of making the choice between 5k a week for life or 3.9 mil one time payout?

For me it would be picking the 3.9 mil one time payout and blowing it all at the Hollywood Casino playing blackjack with my Cousin. On the flip side I’d be scarred shitless of dying 2 months after winning. It would blow all the cocks if after all of that, you only got to see 40k because you died 2 months later.

Mind blowing scratch off!!!!!

Almost had a winner…..

PS: I can’t even scratch off the possible winnings unless my number hits. Its to heartbreaking to see what could have been and lose at the same time.