Stumbled across my guy Rhyan Lowery aka El Compa Negro, straight killing the Mexican Jams.

Quick background story about this cat, he grew up in a hispanic neighborhood in Compton. The alleged story is his neighbors across the street had a band and they used to practice in the garage all the time. Rhyan was attracted to the music and would go watch them practice. He ended up hearing a song he really liked. He went home to the song and learned how to sing it. The band would let him sing it with them and later on they baptized him with stage name “EL Compa Negro”.

Hope everyone caught where I said ALLEGED, because I don’t buy this one bit. I saw the movie Straight Outa Compton and I don’t remember seeing any Pisas jamming out in their garage. I also don’t think this cat is even Black. A little say Woke here but, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic ever heard of it, they have dark latinos.

Nice try “Compa” but you aren’t fooling me, nice job though I like your sound.