It was broke earlier today that Bill Goldberg’s WWE deal includes 3 more PPV, The Royal Rumble, Fastlane and WrestleMania.

Soooooo whats the news? Everyone knew when Goldberg came back to face Brock Lesner that at the very least he would also be in for WrestleMania.

Now the real question becomes what happens over the next 3 months and how will WWE book all this talent. Here are my predictions for how WrestleMania season will shape up.

Royal Rumble

Final 4 in the Ring Goldberg, Brock, Cena and Corbin. Goldberg will go over and head to WM to face the champ. Which I do not believe will be Kevin Owens.


Goldberg will find himself in a match with Braun as a warm up to the Rumble and I believe Brock will some how get a match with Kevin Owen to take the belt back. Also WWE has been hinting at a Shield reunion I think they may pull the trigger and we may see the boys back together to help Brock take out Goldberg.


Goldberg and Brock for the Universal Title. Brock retains and puts an end to GOLDBERG.

We’ll see what happens WWE always does a good job of giving people the complete opposite of what they are thinking.