Today I am bring you MTV’s hottest TV shows of all time. Any of these shows could easily slid into the TV Hall of Fame.

At Guard 32 seasons longs and OG reality TV show, The Real World. The Real World exposed young teens to social topics like sex, drugs, alcohol and racial issues. Top 3 seasons, Hawaii, San Diego and Austin.

AT Guard “The cabs are here” Jersey Shore. People forget that The Jersey Shore was a spin off show off an episode of True Life Jersey Shore. This show brought life back to MTV after Jackass was dying off. The Jersey Shore made it cool for young woman to be whores and guys to bang chicks that were less than an 8.

The Man in the Middle, THE CHALLENGE. This show is still off the chain and combined with Pre Workout gets me hype AF. The Challenge has been running strong for 29 seasons and Johnny Bananas has been in almost all of them.

At Forward Laguna Beach aka The Hills. Uuuuge Laguna Beach fan, so many love triangles and watching rich white kids with problems was always funny to me. Wasn’t much of a Lauren fan but loved Heidi and Spencer. And who can forget about Kristin Cutler, I bet Jay was a big fan too.

At Forward TRL. What kid didn’t race home to see if Eminem took the number one spot from N Sync. Carson Daly was a boss and should be inducted into the Host Hall of Fame. I would have never bought this Limp Bizkit album if it wasn’t for TRL.